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The Go-To Top 5 Commercial Kitchen Equipment List

The Go-To Top 5 Commercial Kitchen Equipment List

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Many have a passion for food and love to share their recipes and delight with others. Restauranters are passionate people, it only makes sense that they would want to share that passion with people. For aspiring restaurant owners, this is the dream. While opening a restaurant of any kind – a quaint café or a 100-person-capacity spot – you need to consider more than just the menu. How will you store your ingredients? How will you cook them? What type of prep do you need to consider? Keeping your kitchen organized is the true success indicator for a foodservice business.

If you’re looking to run a successful commercial kitchen, you need these 5 commercial items:


1.    Refrigeration:

Whether you’re opening a huge restaurant or a food truck, refrigeration is KEY! Storing your food is saving profit so purchasing a refrigeration unit should be at the top of your to-do list. First off, know your space! Know what kind of business you set out to run so that you can pick the refrigeration unit that will work best in your kitchen. Undercounter Refrigerators, for example, are amazing space savers. While undercounter units are typically smaller than standalone units, you won’t lose out on floor space like with a large refrigeration unit, making undercounter units ideal for smaller kitchens with less square footage. For an open concept and sleeker look, a lot of owners prefer the choice of glass door refrigerators. It serves as an energy saver to see contents inside while keeping a certain aesthetic. Glass door Refrigerators along with open display refrigerators can also be used for merchandising in customer-facing areas.


2.       Walk-In Freezer/Cooler Combo

Alongside a great refrigeration unit comes freezers and coolers. Preventing food loss should be a top priority for anyone entering the restaurant biz. Knowing your space and needs of your business is important to choose from walk in freezers to reach in undercounter freezers, or maybe even a walk in cooler freezer combo. Again, you need to not only factor in cost of your unit, but you also have to consider your workspace and what you need to keep your business running smoothly. Your ability to preserve your food supply saves you both time and money in terms of order savings and rotation of goods. Therefore a freezer/cooler should be at the top of your items to purchase before opening.


3.    Sandwich Prep Table

Something that often gets forgotten are Sandwich Prep Tables. For example, just because you’re not opening a sandwich shop, doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from the purchase of one of these units. Refrigerated sandwich prep tables can also be used for Salad prep or other various cooled dishes. Sandwich prep tables are actually very useful for chefs to create amazing dishes without leaving the comfort of their station. Many foodservice establishments can benefit from this style of table because of the cold storage compartments on top which makes accessing ingredients super easy. Some tables like the Atosa sandwich prep table or the AdCraft Grista are perfect to increase storage capacity in compact areas. Truth be told, this type of unit has been sorely misnamed. In a way, it should be called a universal prep table since the list of benefits far outweighs just sandwich prep and should be at the forethought of your purchase list of your business.


4.    Griddle

Griddles are commonly known cooking equipment for the typical breakfast place. With its flat top over burners that give it a large, versatile cooking space, it is commonly used for eggs, pancakes, or burgers. This has been the common use for these units; however, they have immense beneficial potential. Griddles can be seen as the workhorse units of a kitchen because they allow for high volume cooking to happen. A commercial gas range with griddles can produce very high output in a shorter amount of time than a traditional stovetop. Finding the right unit will take more than just searching “commercial griddle for sale”, you’ll need to keep the following in mind: establish your work area to measure for size, shop style, utility type, and plate thickness. Sorry to add to your list of things to consider but one thing is for sure, adding a commercial gas griddle to your kitchen will boost productivity and lower utility cost in your establishment.


5.    Fryers

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a commercial deep fryer. For a commercial kitchen of any size, a fryer could easily help cut down on cook time. When you run a restaurant, you know speed is essential with little time to spare. A commercial fryer creates faster cook times while reducing waste. When you cook in an open fryer, food is super crispy when it first comes out, but can quickly lose that appeal. When you can cook things quickly in a deep fryer, you cut down on the chance of your food losing that delectable crunch. Speaking in addition to reducing waste, a commercial fryer is also cost efficient. Since you can reuse oil when cooking in batches, it cuts down on the cost of that expense. All around, fryers will end up saving your kitchen time and money while improving on your plate output. If you’re looking at an even more cost saving option, you can look into commercial electric fryers. While the cost may not reflect a savings at the beginning, in the long run, you’ll save!



There are a million things to consider when opening a foodservice establishment for new or seasoned restauranters since no 2 restaurant needs are the same. Every kitchen will operate differently, so it is imperative to do your research on your space and desired output for your business. A restaurant’s equipment will ensure that your team can prep, cook, and deliver the quality meals you’ve always intended when you first dreamt of sharing your passion for food with the world. 

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